Friday, May 16, 2014

Story #13: Jack's Army

This story was compiled by Lowell 5th grade students working together to share awareness and our support of Jack's Army

Jack’s Army by Rhianna 
The whole reason we made this special fundraiser was Jack and his rare case of epilepsy.  Jack has KCNQ2 which is a very rare form of epilepsy.  There are only 90 diagnosed people in the world with this.  Jack is special and inspiring.  Lowell School and all of the supporters for Jack’s Army are hoping to find a cure for KCNQ2 and epilepsy.

Jack’s Visit by Trista 
Jack Pribaz and his family visited the 5th graders on Friday, April 11th. Mr. Pribaz told us about Jack’s daily life, Jack’s treatment, and the Jack’s Army foundation overall. Jack is an average, adorable, 5 year old, except for the fact that he has KCNQ2. Jack’s Army was started in 2012, right before Jack turned 3. Mr. and Mrs. Pribaz founded this organization and are now leading the way towards the curing of KCNQ2 and possibly all epilepsy!      
Jack’s Personality by Maeve 
Jack is a loving 5 year old. He has a personality unlike any other. He smiles often, laughs frequently and sometimes makes funny, abrupt noises. Jack Pribaz goes to Jefferson Preschool. I went there also. Jack has inspired many.

What I liked about Jack’s Army by Tyra 
What I liked about Jack’s Army was when we actually got to meet Jack and his family.  His family told us about trying to find a cure for this rare form of epilepsy.  Then at the end, all of the 5th grade classes got to take pictures of Jack.  The Pribaz family gave us all free shirts and magnets.  We really hope that Jack and others can find a cure.

Jack’s Army Money Donations by Mark 
Overall, Lowell School raised about $700 including online donations.  If you are willing to donate mare money to Jack and other kids with KCNQ2, then go to and click donate.  Lowell donations started April 28th- May 2nd.   If you donated money, we are more than glad that you are being supportive.  There were boxes and boxes full of money that were collected by 5th graders.  In the 5th grade classrooms, the money was counted and put in an envelope.  Again if you are willing to make a donation, go to

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